Sunday, June 15, 2014

Letter to Los Angeles, United States Attorney André Birotte about local attorneys who violate law

June 15, 2014   

My letter to the United States Attorney in Los Angeles

June 15, 2014

United States Attorney's Office
Central District of California
312 North Spring Street
Suite 1200
Los Angeles, California 90012

André Birotte
United States Attorney
Central District of California

Dear Mr. Birotte:

My civil case, Ozenne v. Chase/Ocwen 11-60039, against Wall Street banking greed  should be resolved this year. It deals with when the bankruptcy court loses jurisdiction for violations of bankruptcy law that occurred before the case was dismissed. So far, for eleven years I have fought pro-se, against these Wall Street interests demanding a hearing, on these violations of 11 USC 362(a). of bankruptcy law, which caused me to lose my home of 26 years, and the business operated from that home, Residential Fire Sprinklers. 

The court has consistently ruled that it lacked jurisdiction. I believe that it does retain jurisdiction. 

While this civil matter resolves itself through the courts I want to alert you of federal criminal violations of law 18 USC 152 that occurred during my case. Local attorneys did whatever was necessary - in a Bismarck sense - to produce a favorable decisions for their prestigious Wall Street clients, who we all know now, were implementing practices and business decisions to feed the voracious appetite for global demand, based on confidence, in investing in United States residential mortgages. or trust deeds, in new bundled instruments, which left many American's homeless.  

Mike Hudson, New York author used my story of how I became ensnared into this web of greed in his critically acclaimed book, "The Monster: How A Gang of Predatory Lenders and Wall Street Bankers Fleeced America - And Spawned a Global Crisis" Times Books 2010.

One such perfidious attorney, Diane Weifenbach, who had recently been promoted to a full partner in the latest iteration of Cameron & Dreyfuss, which was now  the loans trustee and legal representative for Chase Manhattan and Ocwen Federal Bank FSB. 'Dreyfuss Ryan and Weifenbach'. Shortly after the bankruptcy appellant panel reversed the court, in a similar case regarding the automatic stay on January 17, 2006, the law firm declared Chapter 7 of bankruptcy. How ironic that their crimes  which may be protected, are the same laws which they ignored during my case.

So far, these banks and their representatives have been successful in this unlawful activity. My pro-se appeal can be seen on two of my blogs and ,  or of course, from the court Website 11-60039  Ozenne v Chase/Ocwen 9th Cir Court of Appeals. 

André,  as Americans, enforcement of the law is in everyone's best interest, except in the minds  of those who would break the law for their own purposes.  As it is now, they have been rewarded for their unlawful activities. Even when caught, to many in the industry it will  be seen as a 'nice try'. 

Therefore, Sir, if the statue of limitations has not passed,  I can provide you any evidence you may need for these violations under 18 USC 152. 


Gary L. Ozenne

 cell - 951-496-7525  

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