Wednesday, June 10, 2020

An open letter for justice

July   14, 2020

I am seeking legal representation to enforce my constitutional rights of redress and due process under the Constitution of the United States.

Ocwen Federal Bank who was the loan service agent for Chase Manhattan, who was the beneficiary of the loan, when loans were bundled and resold, the banks violated federal bankruptcy law 11 USC 362 when they sold my home while I was protected by a federal bankruptcy stay on May 17th 2001 the proof of this assertion can be resolved by the date of the bankruptcy filing, May 17, 2001 and the date of recording the new trustee's deed with the Riverside county recorder May 29, 2001, in the name of Carol and Stephen O'Neil

Additionally,   I was not  behind on my payments I had a credit balance.

Initially the honorable Judge Meredith. Jury  ruled she had no jurisdiction over the case once the case was dismissed. Later case law resolved that the bankruptcy court did have jurisdiction for violations of the code during the case

I had run out of money and had to represent myself or just give up which simply was not in my DNA

So I continued self-represented,  into the appeals process, in 2005 the storage operator Dollars Self-Storage sold everything in my storage unit although I had petitioned the court under chapter 7 to just liquidate the property and pay my creditors,  
Judge Jury denied my motion for sanctions.

I appealed, self represented  to the BAP, which ruled on January 17th 2006, and reversed the judge indicating I could sue for statutory, compensatory, emotional distress, and punitive damages. See Ozenne v Dollar Storage . Jan 17, 2006 BAP 

Meanwhile the case against Chase on Ocwen moved into the higher appeals court where at first, a split decision, arguments about jurisdiction of the bankruptcy appealate panel, or BAP, court, since it wasn't an constitutionally born article 3 created Court.

 A later decision en banc court, not request by myself or the banks , by the ninth circuit decided to blame the victim and ruled that I had tried to take a shortcut by filing for a writ of mandamus rather than ask for an extension for the time to appeal since I did not receive notice my case has been dismissed until after the statute of limitations had run.

The "My Appeal" link on the left gives a blow by blow events of this case.

I need professional help so if you have any interest in representing me to right this constitutional wrong please contact me at ,  or call my cell 423-707 -8949 anytime

Thank You for your consideration.

Gary Ozenne

Isaiah 40: 31  new international version

Monday, June 1, 2020

Protests seemingly everywhere

June 1, 2020

So as the sun goes down here in Eastern Tennessee I wonder how tonight's events will play out.

The tamping down of outrage, or will more Acts of civil disobedience occur tonight.

It's not just many black men arguing now, the  outrage of this heartless execution, of this handcuffed man, broke a point, that Americans will not tolerate. Black or white it is now inspired the outrage of the younger generation who have the power to make things change. The DNA kind of works that way

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Historic Lanuch within the hour

I'm watching the countdown to this historic mission as American commercial companies, like SpaceX begin the privatization of space travel.

Godspeed Doug and Bob

Tuesday, May 26, 2020



Monday, May 25, 2020

JW Boyd , A Tribute to a Vet

JW Boyd was a good friend of mine that I knew in the last chapters of his life.

I would drive him to the veterans hospital and he would always buy me breakfast for doing so we had many meals at Denny's

JW was by all accounts a great American,  drafted at 19, this Texas farm boy crowned himself in the winter of 1944 in the historic Battle of the bulge with the 104th Infantry  Timberwolves, of which he was a member.

Injured  in battle 
he was sent to France for recovery and then sent right back to the front lines which at that time he found himself driving a Jeep towards the front line and many Jeeps were going the other way screaming the war was over.

He was sent back to southern California and went jungle training for apparently and then inevitable invasion of Japan but August 6th 1945 resolved that even made a life for himself and his wife in southern California.
He is and was a great American and we all owe him a debt of gratitude for his part in keeping this country free.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020


Eric Clapton's love affair with George Harrison's wife. It all ended well with George and Eric has good pounds in teacher musical collaborations

The Beatles