Sunday, November 3, 2019

Kamala Harris

No one is above the law

This not only applies to Presidents, but to giant corporations as well. The trick, of course, is to hold people or corporations to the letter of the law.

I have fought for 15 years to have my case heard without success I have been denied my right to due process and opportunity to bring my grievances to a court of law for adjudication.

This has not happened in my case which ultimately the jurists debated the jurisdiction of the bankruptcy appellate panel but never considered my charges.

During this time I've watched your career grow from the attorney general of California to the senator from California. I attended one of your rallies held in Corona at the stater Brothers shopping strip.

To cut to the quick: Help////SOS....Mayday

See my blog  for details of my case

Gary Ozenne
Mountain City, TN  37683