"Stop this," Warren said to Matthews. "We just voted on this last week. You just stop and think about it. Because all the things you’ve talked about every time we get up and talk about helping education … we talk about roads and bridges … we talk about NIH research … the Republicans say the exact same thing … there is not enough money … and then they say they are going to fight to protect every tax loophole that currently exist that permits billionaires to pay at a lower tax rate than their secretaries. They fight to protect every subsidy …."
After spelling out what Matthews already knows, he replies again that the Democrats control the White House and the Senate. Warren then re-schools him on why that is not enough. What she said at the end is what is important.
"You don’t just wash your hands and say nobody is doing this," she said. "You have one side that is trying to fight for it. We’ve got to get out there and fight. And our only chance is if we can engage enough people at the grassroots level. Enough people to say, 'What do you mean, you are choosing billionaires over students? What do you mean that you are saying you are going to continue to do subsidies for big oil but there is no money for roads and bridges?' Those are the choices right now that the Republicans and the Democrats are fighting in Congress. Which way are we going to go? Look, we are fighting back. We are fighting for what we believe in. We are fighting to build a future for America. We can’t do it by ourselves. We need people across this country to help push on the Republicans."
Warren is right. Chris Matthews’ attack on Democrats for inaction is not the answer. Informing folks as to the major cause for inaction is. It is a disservice to all Americans that Matthews fails to put all the obstruction into context. Our journalists continue their willful incompetence at the expense of middle-class America.