Thursday, December 12, 2019

Elizabeth Warren

I am an average American citizen 70 years old and I take it as my duty to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States.

Now I find myself trying to enforce my constitutional rights to  due process, and an opportunity to have a court resolve my differences.

Simply put the bank and their service agents sold my home of 26 years, when I was not behind in my payments and I was protected by a bankruptcy stay 11 USC 362.
All I have ever wanted was my day in court but the perfidious service agent, Ocwen, the beneficiary, Chase Manhattan, attorneys found quick work with this pro se litigant.

I have been fighting since 2001 to bring my case before a neutral Court and a jury of my peers.
Now, in the later chapters of my life, I need to speak out and ask for help from any kind of legal aid of constitutional law or any other legal resource you can hook me up with.
I read your book two-income trap you, and I've been a big fan of yours ever since. Best of luck, in your campaign for the American people.

Gary Ozenne

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Kamala Harris

No one is above the law

This not only applies to Presidents, but to giant corporations as well. The trick, of course, is to hold people or corporations to the letter of the law.

I have fought for 15 years to have my case heard without success I have been denied my right to due process and opportunity to bring my grievances to a court of law for adjudication.

This has not happened in my case which ultimately the jurists debated the jurisdiction of the bankruptcy appellate panel but never considered my charges.

During this time I've watched your career grow from the attorney general of California to the senator from California. I attended one of your rallies held in Corona at the stater Brothers shopping strip.

To cut to the quick: Help////SOS....Mayday

See my blog  for details of my case

Gary Ozenne
Mountain City, TN  37683

Monday, October 28, 2019

President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump:

I have been fighting since 2003, to obtain my constitutional right to redress and due process, described in constitutional amendments one, five, and fourteenth amendments to our great constitution, as American's

I have written several times.

Once, a year or so ago, I wrote when I was in a Churchill "black dog day" , I wrote, and your caring assistant replied with the suicide prevention hotline.I appreciate that, tell him Thank You.

All I need, is an order, from you, to give me a trial, where the facts can be revealed.
god bless you and Milania, and the kids.

BTW, I am an independent voter

Gary Ozenne

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

First request for assistance ; Tom Bible

Dear Mr, Bible:

I am seeking professional help to enforce my constitutional right to redress, and due process as described in our constitutional rights Amendments 1, 5, 14.

This is the blow by blow history and my brief to the ninth circuit`,  

If you would be interested in representing me in court, please contact me 

Gary Ozenne
Mountain City TN
423 -707-8949`

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Get well Bernie

In this tumultuous campaign to lead our country.

One of our Patriots, Bernie, has suffered a health issue.

That he has ran for president for two times, indicates he wants the best for average Americans. Let's all wish him a speedy recovery. All we have as humans as a short number of years to figure out what is what

I say these things, not because I am a Bernie fan, but as a fellow human being, just finding his way as we all are trying to make sense of love for this life, accurately called our consciousness

Godspeed Bernie


Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Wednesday, September 11, 2019


Dear Mr. Bible,  my name is Gary Ozenne,  and bankruptcy protections helped me me several times, when  I transitioned from a job at Microsoft Into the fire protection business in southern California in the early 1990s.

In a bankruptcy case from 2003 the service agent Ocwen, had made a simple addition error of $3,850 in their favor. When I called them I was told that they would look into it. The 22, 800, I had wired to them held

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Legal Help - How did this happen ?

I am s searching for help to enforce the Constitution of the United States.

In  May of 2001, my home for over a quarter of a century, in Corona CA, was sold at a foreclosure sale in spite of the facts that (A) I was not behind on my payments, and, (B) It was against federal law, since  I was protected by a bankruptcy stay, 11 USC 362.  

I have never been given a courtroom opportunity to make my assertions and show the proof  of the facts of my case of settled law of 11 USC 362.  The court did not rule on the particular facts of my case but instead, it ruled it had no jurisdiction to hear my complaint, once the case was dismissed.

 A 2006 appellate case, In re Nathan Johnson 9th Cir. 2006 BAP July 7, 2006,
 ruled that it did have jurisdiction.

No hearing, or trial for Gary

In a nutshell, I have been denied my rights, as a citizen found in the constituton under the 1st 5th and 14h amendments to that constitution,insuring due process 

Today I am seeking an experienced civil rights attorney, and any assistance from my United States representatives, to help me gain my day in court.

Unfortunately, I have been self represented since the beginning of the appeals process,which debated jurisdiction, but ignored my charges, finally the 9th Circuit en banc, "determined" I was trying to take a shortcut, by petitioning for a writ of mandamus , which I believed was my only relief, since the statue of limitations had run to appeal, instead of requesting an exception for the time to appeal, which the court deemed was the proper procedure, but never addressed my charges. Dismissed again!

The court presumed, that I should have known, that a petition to extend the statute of limitations,was the correct way to gain relief , not a writ of mandamus, which orders the lower court to follow the law, which I believed was my only path forward.

I am looking for justice, and seeking an attorney, government representative to help me obtain my civil rights, dividing the award, which could be substantial.

When I brought a new motion for sanctions, based on this new case law, I showed up at the February 14, 2011 hearing, on my motion  for sanctions  I learned,  for the first time, that my case had been dismissed, earlier, four days past the time to appeal under the statute of limitations.

I had never gotten notice that my case had already been dismissed, I immediately filed a declaration that I never received notice of dismissal. It was and past the statute of limitations to appeal.  

My case is important in that it illustrates the fact that our constitutional law can or cannot be depended upon. This is on our most base law; The Constitution, to  the United States of America.

My case evolved from the specific undeniable facts to the general judicial debate of the jurisdiction of the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel BAP, about the jurisdiction of this BAP, leaving uninspected the violations of law which brought this case before them.

In short, I am looking for an advocate attorney, media attention, government representative, for assistance, that feels a passion to correct this grevious violations of law by this giant bank and their perfidious service agent; Ocwen

Gary L. Ozenne

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Jennifer Rodgers

Kudo's to native Mountain City intelligent female Jennifer Rodgers, my niece

Jennifer helped so much to every member of my family, and brought levity to extrordinaty circumstances. A version of what the Christian God, taught us to believe.