Celebrities continue to react with a mix off shock and sadness Tuesday at the news that actor Robin Williams took his own life on Aug. 11. Here are a few of their statements:
  • "Heartbroken. Thanks chief -- for your friendship and for what you gave the world. Robin had a ton of love in him. He personally did so much for so many people. He made Matt and my dreams come true. What do you owe a guy who does that? Everything. May you find peace my friend." -- Ben Affleck, in a statement, referring to Williams starring in his and Matt Damon's first acting/writing venture, "Good Will Hunting."

    Robin Williams, left, and Pam Dawber, of ABC’s TV show "Mork & Mindy" at shown at the Fifth Annual People’s Choice Awards in Los
    Robin Williams, left, and Pam Dawber, of ABC's TV show "Mork & Mindy" at shown at the Fifth Annual People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles, Calif., March 8, 1979. Both Williams and Dawber won the Favorite Male and Female Performer awards in a new TV program. (AP Photo/Reed Saxon) (Reed Saxon)
  • "I am completely and totally devastated. What more can be said?" -- "Mork & Mindy" co-starPam Dawber, in a statement.

  • "Robin and I were great friends, suffering from the same little-known disease: depression. I never could have expected this ending to his life, and to ours with him. God bless him and God bless us all for his LIFE! I cannot believe this. I am overwhelmed with grief. What a wonderful man/boy and what a tremendous talent in the most important art of any time -- comedy! I loved him." -- Chevy Chase, in a statement.

  • "I feel stunned and so sad about Robin. I'm sad for the world of comedy. And so very sad for his family. And I'm sad for Robin. He always lit up when he was able to make people laugh, and he made them laugh his whole life long.... tirelessly. He was one of a kind. There will not be another. Please God, let him now rest in peace." -- "Mrs. Doubtfire" co-star Sally Field, in a statement.

  • "I could not be more stunned by the loss of Robin Williams, mensch, great talent, acting partner, genuine soul." -- comedian Steve Martin, on Twitter

  • "His kindness and generosity is what I think of. How kind he was to anyone who wanted to connect with him. And he could not help but be funny all the time. He would do something as long as it would keep you laughing. He made many, many film crews laugh out loud before the audiences ever saw it. He made such a big impact on the world. So there is the man, and his talent, and I think in his case both were extraordinary." -- "Night at the Museum" co-star Ben Stiller, in a statement.

    Ben Stiller, left, and Robin Williams attend the premiere of "License to Wed" Monday, June 25, 2007, in the Hollywood section of Los Angeles. (AP
    Ben Stiller, left, and Robin Williams attend the premiere of "License to Wed" Monday, June 25, 2007, in the Hollywood section of Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Phil McCarten) (Phil McCarten)
  • "We have lost one of our most inspired and gifted comic minds, as well as one of this generation's greatest actors. To watch Robin work was a magical and special privilege. His performances were unlike anything any of us had ever seen, they came from some spiritual and otherworldly place. He truly was one of the few people who deserved the title of 'genius.' We were friends for 21 years. Our children grew up together, he inspired us to spend our lives in San Francisco and I loved him like a brother. The world was a better place with Robin in it. And his beautiful legacy will live on forever." -- "Mrs. Doubtfire" director Chris Columbus, in a statement.

  • "Robin was a lightning storm of comic genius and our laughter was the thunder that sustained him. He was a pal and I can't believe he's gone." -- director Steven Spielberg, in a statement.

  • "A big tenacious overflowing hyperkinetic eruption of compassion would be (the) best tribute to Williams." -- "Lee Daniels' The Butler" co-star John Cusack, on Twitter.

  • "To see Robin perform was an experience. He was more than a comedian. He was a comedy force of nature. I remember hearing that Robin was once doing a press junket in Germany. One of the reporters asked him, 'Why is it that Germany is not known for comedy?' Robin answered, 'Well, you killed all your funny people.' I laughed out loud when I heard that. I thought, how sick and how wonderfully truthful." -- comedian Gilbert Gottfried, in a statement.

  • "I've never known a sweeter, brighter, more considerate person than Robin. Robin's commitment as an artist to lifting our mood and making us happy is compared to none. He loved us all and we loved him back." -- "Old Dogs" co-star John Travolta, in a statement.

  • "I feel I have to say something more than just 'heartbreaking and shocking,' which everyone has said and I feel as well, but something a little more personal. Thus the following: One day in 1995 while riffing in the character of a snobby French toy store owner, Robin made me laugh so hard and so long that I cried. It seemed to please him to no end. Yesterday, I cried again at the thought that he was gone. What I will always remember about Robin, perhaps even more than his comic genius, extraordinary talent and astounding intellect, was his huge heart -- his tremendous kindness, generosity and compassion as an acting partner, colleague and fellow traveler in a difficult world. My heartfelt condolences to his wife and family." -- comedian/actor Nathan Lane, in Time magazine

  • "Robin Williams made the world laugh & think. I will remember & honor that. A great man, artist and friend. I will miss him beyond measure." -- "Shrink" co-star Kevin Spacey, on Twitter.

  • "I saw him on stage the very first time he auditioned at the Improv and we have been friends ever since. It's a very sad day." -- Jay Leno, in a statement.

  • "So sad to think about this. Hard to speak. Hard to say. Hard to take. All I can think about is what a joy he was to be with. I'm devastated. I'm sending my love to his family and everyone who loved him. My heart is broken by this news." -- "Death to Smoochy" director and co-star Danny DeVito, in a statement