Saturday, June 20, 2015

Injustice by the Numbers

June 20, 2015 

My Legal Journey 

By the Numbers

Number of trials to determine the facts of my complaints  = 0  

Years homeless due to eviction  - 5      2003-2008  

Number of times earth has circled the sun since last appeal filed  - 4,         Case 11-60039  

Months since current appeal was submitted  - 48 ,  Notice of appeal filed June 20, 2011.

Years since the violation of law occurred - 14

Years since eviction from the family home of 26 years -  12

Years since the failure of home based 'Residential Fire Sprinklers'  -  12

Years Ocwen and Chase have enjoyed the fruits of their unlawful actions  - 14

Years since first appeal to 9th circuit was denied  -  10 

Years since last appeal to 9th circuit was summarily denied as 'inconsequential'  - 5

Number of petitions for reconsideration to United States 9th Circuit Court of Appeals  - 2  

Number of separate Appellate judges (including USSC) who could have ordered a trial -  24

Number of United States Supreme Court petitions for writ of certiorari  - 2 

Number of petitions for reconsideration to United States Supreme Court -1

Years since Arnold Schwarzenegger (as Governor) demanded answers from Ocwen -   11

Number of years have had to fight legally self represented for my chance to be heard - 13

Number of years since 9th Circuit rejected my petition for a writ to order a trial   - 6

Years since Bankruptcy Appellate panel reversed the same judge over the same statue 11 USC 362(a)  - 9  

Number of years since Judge Jury became one of the seven member bankruptcy appellate panel, BAP - 7

Number of years since submitted petition for writ, to enforce the precedential law , determined by the 2006 BAP - 4 years  

Number of hearings or trials ordered to determine facts  = 0  

Is this really America ?

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