Sunday, July 31, 2016

Turn On Tune In Drop Out Timothy Leary

from youtube

Timothy Leary's Last Trip  narrated by son of Ken Babs 

Dr. Timothy Leary -   Turn on Tune In Drop Out  (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack )

Can Psychedelic Drugs enhance the religious experience   Good Friday 1962  

Prison Daze  - Carol and I drove Joanna Harcourt-Smith from San Francisco  to Folsom to visit Tim.  He has to walk a tightrope because behind the camera is the warden and those who wanted him to make a warning to not use drugs about drugs. He navigated  the rapid currents, of the situation he was in,    - and remember, Nixon had just dubbed him "the most dangerous man alive"  -   for him to discourage drug use , yet remain true to his beliefs.

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