Sunday, September 13, 2015

Winston Churchill June 4th 1940 Motivation for the Country

from youtube  

Prior to our involvement in World War II , Winston Churchill , alone, defended Christian Civilation, while America tried to remain uninvoled,, till December 7 1941, when a new reality changed the world,

 During my legal fight, while still in the Corona house,, this 12 min speech was played for all visitors, I like it because he was fighting the horrible Nazi's, and gave this motivational speech, after the evacuation of Dunkirk when things seemed hopeless. I was fighting bankers, and simply wanted to exercise my right to bring,, even a giant bank,, to a court of law, to explain their behavior in my case.  Jurist's in the 9th Circuit have denied me a trial on the banks wrong doing, for now, 14 years.  and this motivational speech ,paying respect to the fighter pilots , laid out the situation clearly to the English people and motivated them to fight on.

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