Monday, September 21, 2015

1 in 4 female Michigan State University undergrads sexually assaulted, according to survey


LANSING, MI -- Close to 25 percent of female undergraduate students at Michigan State University have been sexually assaulted and 12 percent have been victims of attempted or completed rape, according to a survey conducted by MSU and the Association of American Universities.
MSU was one of 27 universities that participated in the survey, which included responses from more than 150,000 students nationally. There were 8,352 responses from MSU undergraduate and graduate students.
Of female students surveyed, 24.8 percent experienced completed or attempted nonconsensual penetration or sexual touching involving physical force or incapacitation.
Among female undergraduates at MSU, 11.7 percent were victims of completed or attempted nonconsensual penetration, or rape, involving force or incapacitation during their time at the university. That is higher than the national number of 10.8 percent.
MSU's rate of sexual touching among female undergraduates (18.9 percent) was also higher than the rate reported among the 27 surveyed universities (17.7 percent.)
"The survey underscores that sexual assault on college campuses is a serious national issue," MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon said. "I take no comfort that our preliminary analysis of this data suggests the experiences of some of our students are statistically similar to those at other AAU institutions."
One of the survey's aims was to assess overall campus climate for sexual assault victims, including determining how many victims reported sexual crimes and how confident students were in the university's handling of related incidents.

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