Sunday, May 25, 2014

Watching Scotty Grow

May 25, 2014

My handsome intelligent son, Scott Lawrence Ozenne, has landed near Mountain City TN.  

Tennesee, of course being the home of Andrew Jackson,, one of the last patriot chief executives that fought the greedy banking interests in that period of our countries evolution. The Hermitage, will certainly be one of my stops, after the courts rule on my decades old case. 

In the meantime, Scott, has pulled up stakes, in this cutting edge of cellular evolution, known as the Sun Belt, or West Coast.   Fast Times in Evolutionary Times.    

Like a psychedelic guide, his cousin, Judge Rodgers, also born on February 20, a year earlier than Scott, in 1968, has, with the assistance from his proactive wife, Jennifer,  helped to guide Scott, along with mom's assistance,  into this new path, this new reality.

Like Govinda, to Siddhartha in the Herman Hesse masterpiece,Siddhartha,  a new path was exposed, defining a new reality.  

Go for it Scotty 

Love Dad

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