Thursday, May 29, 2014

Justice Delayed

Excerpt from appellants opening brief January 5, 2012  Ozenne v Chase et. al. 11-60039

3.       What did you ask the originating court to do (for example, award damages, give injunctive relief, etc.) ?
To hold a trial or hearing to enforce USC 362(k), formerly 362(h), to determine the damages caused by this violation of bankruptcy law.  The court has consistently ruled that it did not have jurisdiction.  2003, 2007,  2011  

That's it, a two sentence request for justice.

Why has it taken over a decade for the court to grant me a trial. Let me state my claim, produce my evidence, and apply the law ?

The undeniable violation of law, (11 USC 362(a) ), caused me to lose  the family home of 26 years, and my home based business, Residential Fire Sprinklers.

I don't get it !

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