Sunday, May 4, 2014

Donald Sterling

I was surprised by recent  events concerning the NBA Clippers,  the  media frenzy, and the celebrity dogpile to get their views known publicly as soon as possible about the owner of the team.  How quickly a story can spread. Donald Sterling was blindsided by a vindictive mistress.

The natural  order of cellular life on this planet goes something like this  Life, Structure, Death. 

As a new gene pool takes over the then present culture, differences often occur.  The Beatles and long hair was just one generational difference in my own life.  

Since then this our culture has advanced, dramatically, regarding gay rights t out of high school in 1967. The generations of unfairness before this was attempted to be corrected as best it could with strong law.  Equal Opportunity  and other programs.  

All of our realities are created between our ears. This new national law and perspective were the guideposts that my generation grew up with.  In time , attitudes changed, and will continue to change.  

The firestorm that this affair caused blew it way out of the league of the common rich man / ambitious woman affair. It touched a nerve in all of the new generations psyche to condemn Donald Sterling.  

I don't think Jesus Christ would approve of this 'herd mentality' of his children.  

I suspect he would ask us to forgive Donald Sterling, and pray that he losses the shackles that bind him to a previous gene pool, where racial perspective was clouded.  

Actually, it was a private conversation that he had with his paramour.  That she used  it as a weapon in an attempt to pay back, Donalds wife, who had demanded (and filed a lawsuit) to make Donald's paramour to return his gifts he bestowed upon her. 

'Hell hath no fury .....'   so this paramour had the knowledge and ability, and used it, to destroy Donald, an ancient relic of a perspective that is dying away at a rate of about 10,000 Americans , every day !   

She added kerosene to an already flaming situation. Basically a continuation of two quarreling lovers.  Donald thinking with his lower head, the paramour using her skills to leak and manage her 15 minutes.  

Shelley Sterling took a more pragmatic position. No shrinking violet, she took the mistress to court, wanting the money back that the mistress had milked out of her husband  which ignited this whole hubbub about Mr. Sterling's particular outdated view on racial matters, which  had changed considerably since he was born.  

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