Friday, April 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Denny

Today, April 25th is my older brother Dennis Charles Ozenne's birthday. Born in 1947, we lost Denny in the summer of 2008.

Carl Wilson, a fellow Hawthorne Cougar, sang this when he lost his older brother Dennis  

" I love to tell people that Dennis was a great guy, because he really was and whenever we do this song we think of his spirit being in a beautiful space...."   Carl Wilson 

Happy Birthday Dennis !   April 25 2014 !  

Say hi to Stan 

Shortly after I graduated from Hawthorne High School in 1967,, my cousin Stan Reubecht, and my bother, both a few years older, took an apartment on 101st, one block south of Century Blvd, and one block west from Prairie Ave  in Inglewood.  One night, Stan help a party which I regrettably, could not attend , due to a previous date with Elsa Lamb.    

The next morning I came over. Stan had a giant bag of 10 hamburgers he had just got from McDonald's for $1.50.  As I ate a burger, Stan informed me that my brother and Marcella, were together, right now, sleeping it off from a long night. I was very surprised, however, Cupids arrows were strong that night. They never spent another night without each other for 30 years.  

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