Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday 2014

April 20, 2014

Happy Easter to all my friends and family members. It's a nice sunny Sunday here in So.Cal

It occurs to me that the whole universe is a binary business, on and off. Planetary systems are born, then collapse, emerge than recede .Species are born, then disappear. Human life is born, then dies. It goes something like this, Life, Structure, Death, with structure being what we do, or leave behind, between our birth and death.

Jesus Christ washed his followers feet, and then stood up to the Roman Empire.  He changed civilization when he taught, that death was not final, and proved it on Easter Sunday !  We (as Christians) have celebrated this event ever since.  Life was not a final destination but rather a step in our ultimate destiny. The concept of life after death, in our scientific world, was bolstered in modern thought by the first law of thermodynamics.

Martin Luther, was a rebel and trouble maker to the pope and the Catholic Church. He was the founder of the Lutheran church, which started the protestant reformation. Luther believed that redemption was available to all, and not dependent upon deeds , but that it was a free gift, of God’s grace that only required faith in God's son, Jesus Christ.

Our present world is full of tension and strife. Not just Obama v Putin,, but congress cannot act adult either.  There are civil wars everywhere.  The people seeming oblivious to their own religious beliefs, which either eastern or western, teach service and peace in this life.  

So, for this Easter weekend , I reaffirm my own Lutheran inspired faith, and remain on the spiritual path of this continuing spiritual education, of enlightenment, and the celebration of life.



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