Thursday, April 23, 2015

My Letter to the New Attorney General Loretta Lynch

April 23, 2015

Dear Attorney General Lynch:

I want to inform you of a continuing injustice that began in  2003, when I lost my home of 26 years because of violations of federal law, committed by Ocwen  which also  caused the loss of my home based business Residential Fire Sprinklers, I had operated since leaving Microsoft in 1991.   

The facts in my case are undeniable, yet Chase Manhattan and the perfidious Ocwen have managed to keep their violation of law out of court for 13 years!

 All I have asked for is a trial or hearing on these obvious violations of federal law. First with attorneys , then self represented.  This cannot be how our fore fathers envisioned how our justice system would operate. 

The courts keep summarily dismissing my case, without addressing the main issue. The court's jurisdiction, - which is why my original complaint was denied -  or the violation of 11 USC 362(a) which caused such damage to me. 

For a fourth time I have submitted an appeal before the 9th Circuit, Ozenne v Chase/Ocwen  11-60039   which the court has been considering since June 20, 2011, I don't understand why this has taken so long. I need the law enforced. Not only for myself, but so that average Americans can depend upon it! Not to mention other Americans like myself, who challenge these financial juggernauts.

Any assistance you can give me to obtain a trial on the merits, would be greatly appreciated.  

Would you be so kind as  to acknowledge receipt of this email  

Thank You, and good luck in your new position.  

Gary Ozenne

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