Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Microsoft says goodbye ‘Skydrive’, hello ‘OneDrive’


By Cory Vincent |  - 11:17 am | 

microsoft onedrive

It was reported several months ago that Microsoft became involved with a lawsuit from British broadcasting powerhouse BSkyB over the use of the word ‘Sky’ in Skydrive. As it turned out, the courts decided that the trademark had been breached. The companies reached a settlement and Microsoft was set to rebrand their cloud storage service. Rumors circulated on new names and launch strategies, but today the launch has gone official and Microsoft is coming in hot and heavy with today’s re-launch.
Microsoft OneDrive is up and running today and Microsoft, to build a little hype, released a decoder ring with a puzzle. Being the lazy internet rogue that I am, I waited ten minutes to let someone else solve the puzzle and spoil it for everyone…of course the internet obliged. No, the message was not, “Be sure to drink your ovaltine,” it was instead a pretty cool 100 GB cloud storage giveaway:
“The first Hundred thousand users to log into today beginning at 11:11 am PST win 100 Gb extra storage.”
one drive
Pretty enticing offer, however if you dig a little deeper you realize that the offer only lasts one year. The jury is still out on cloud storage; iCloud, Google Drive, and now OneDrive all offer a variety of free space, features and priced out packages that can fulfill your needs.
With rumors floating around that Microsoft is looking to ditch its Xbox division, you may be able to take comfort that the new ‘One’ drive branding is being consistent with the Xbox ‘One’ branding. Microsoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella has been a huge part in transforming Microsoft’s cloud business, so no doubt the re-launch of Microsoft’s Cloud storage service is something he is managing very carefully.

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