Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24, 2003

On this day in 2003, it looked like the court had finally recognized the violation of law by the banks.  My nephew Jerome (Judge)  Rodgers, had given Diane Weifenbach telephone notice on Friday February 21, of the hearing on the following Monday the 24th at 2 pm Courtroom 302. as per the courts direction in the order for a hearing. 

I was out of the Crestview home, for about a week from the Presidents Day eviction.  

Her firm Dreyfuss, Ryan and Weifenbach had apparently  been replaced by another law-firm, Houser & Allison. But since I did not know this, we gave notice to her and everyone else. 

Page 59, line 15 gives a summary. 

The February 24, 2003 Hearing Transcripts

When we left the court we went back to the Dynasty Suites at the west end of 6th St in Corona.  We called Louis Bruno down in Escondido, and when I related how it went, he decided to attend the March 6th 2003 hearing. Ten more days and this nightmare would be over.

Little did I know..  

I will report on the continued hearing of March 6, 2003 including the dramatic return of Diane Weifenbach, to the court.  

to be continued......

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