Tuesday, December 20, 2016

My Letter and Request to President Obama

December 20, 2016 

December 20, 2016

Dear President Obama and First Lady Michelle:

Please enjoy your Hawaiian Christmas break. You certainly deserve it after this particularly tumultuous year. I am writing this in the spirit of Christmas, and as a brother. in our nation of laws.

Mr. President, I need an order for a trial, envisioned by our constitution.

In 2001 the banks violated 11 USC 362(a) by issuing a trustee's deed and 16 months later,,by failing to rescind this unlawful deed, and allow my new approved loan to close.

This caused the loss of my home of 26 years which in turn caused the failure of my home based business Residential Fire Sprinklers.  that I had operated since leaving my sales position at Microsoft in 1991.

I need enforcement of the United States Constitution and its amendments.  For over 15 years now, I have been denied the constitutional guarantee that aggrieved citizens can bring their grievances to the government, for your day in court. The courts have overlooked this basic law, and has turned my case into a jurisdictional football.

I request that you enforce our constitutional law. And order a trial for Gary Ozenne,  before you leave office.

Now 67 years old, the bank's apparent strategy of attrition has worked successfully for 187 months. As you know, time is our only true asset in this consciousness, and it seems to go faster every passing year. For 15 years, courts have bounced around my case like a law school debate about jurisdiction. Since the facts and law were both on my side, this has kept the banks out of court, allowing the corporations to keep it out of court, playing out the clock of cellular life.  

On the day after the election, on November 9, 2016, Ozenne v Chase Manhattan / Ocwen 11-60039 was published after a full rehearing en banc review, the court determined that the victim, was the bad guy, trying to take shortcuts.

Never a mention of the underlying violation of law, I have never had a chance to be heard!   Have these jurists forgotten this base law of the land? I shudder to think, that this drift towards justice being dispensed by men and women, and the rule of law, has taken a backseat to the personalities that have denied me, my day in court!

Will you please, end this 15-year nightmare, and order a trial at the District Court,  for this citizen to end this festering injustice, and revitalize enforcement of our constitution.  
Gary L. Ozenne
951-496-7525 Voice and txt
7351 Piute Creek Dr.
Corona, CA 92881

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