Wednesday, December 7, 2016

David Viscott 1938 - 1996

from Wikipedia and youtube


David Viscott (May 24, 1938 - October 10, 1996), was an American psychiatrist, author, businessman, and media personality. He was a graduate of Dartmouth (1959), Tufts Medical School and taught at University Hospital in Boston. He started a private practice in psychiatry in 1968 and later moved to Los Angeles in 1979 where he was a professor of psychiatry at UCLA. He founded and managed the Viscott Center for Natural Therapy in Beverly HillsNewport Beach and PasadenaCalifornia.(from Wikipedia

David was on perhaps the first live reality TV show on Television by a major network who shook up 'talk therapies' with his differnt style of helping people,  We lost him early, complications from diabetes, I believe.  His brilliance showed on evening Television, but also held a radio program during the day. As well as authoring several books, 'The Language of Feelings'  'Risking" and about 8 others.  
David was different,  most therapists  prefer several follow up sessions, David who rankled the stid  who usually  in that he gets right to the real issue, then appeals to the person's best self. 

Here is the link to the youtube link, where each episde is identified by first name,, each session is as different as people are. 

Enjoy the Voyage !

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