Friday, December 2, 2016

Mandate issued, deadlines start counting dates 12-2-16

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***NOTE TO PUBLIC ACCESS USERS*** Judicial Conference of the United States policy permits attorneys of record and parties in a case (including pro se litigants) to receive one free electronic copy of all documents filed electronically, if receipt is required by law or directed by the filer. PACER access fees apply to all other users. To avoid later charges, download a copy of each document during this first viewing.

United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
Notice of Docket Activity

The following transaction was entered on 12/02/2016 at 12:53:56 PM PST and filed on 12/02/2016
Case Name:In re: Gary Ozenne, et al v. Chase Manhattan Bank, et al
Case Number:  11-60039 (need pacer account) 
Document(s):Mandate Issued 

Docket Text:

MANDATE ISSUED. Parties shall bear their own costs for the appeal. (SRT, AK, SPG, MMM, RAP, MSB, CMC, NRS, PJW, JBO and MTF) [10218770] (RR)

Notice will be electronically mailed to:

Mr. Jeffrey S. Allison, Attorney
Mr. Eric D. Houser, Attorney
Samuel Maizel
Mr. Gary Lawrence Ozenne
Professor John Anthony Edwards Pottow
U.S. Bankruptcy Appellate Panel, 9th Circuit, Clerk of Court

Thomas R. Phinney, Attorney (daily summary)

The following document(s) are associated with this transaction:
Document Description: Mandate Order
Original Filename: /opt/ACECF/live/forms/RhondaRoberts_1160039_10218770_v2Order-Mandate_216.pdf
Electronic Document Stamp:
[STAMP acecfStamp_ID=1106763461 [Date=12/02/2016] [FileNumber=10218770-0] [43280bd6d73dcda881108ba5642971636b778fd9ad8518aa3ac227c3148be4ee257c5bea33bbfa153954cf009f9fd36f7f2e3c5740ebbbdcfcad546ba9cebda7]]
The document is here, appeals timeframe begins from this date timeclock starts

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