Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Is our United States Constitution a Mirage ?

December 21, 2016  First day of winter 

Facts about the shortest day of the year

As we all know, our medium of exchange is money, which, after all, is in real reality,  just green paper. As long as everyone accepts this conspiracy of shared thought It's not a problem.

Why have jurists in the 9th circuit denied me a trial for 15 years?

Now I am beginning to wonder about the validity of this document called the United States Constitution, and its amendments if it is not enforced. Was it  just a mirage?  I guess we will see, I appealed to our President, as the head of the executive branch of government, which is charged with enforcing the law.  

Of course, a jury of my peers would find the banks guilty, (the proof is undeniable), 
which would end this nonsense. The banks understand this and can only suceed if this stays out of court.  

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