Sunday, November 20, 2016

I am Incredulous - This is not America David Bowie

Nov 20, 2016

I just don't get it my fellow American citizens, I am here, tonight to tell you how at least 37 pairs of judicial eyes in the 9th Circuit, in the last 15 years, or 23.1% of my life.  Have been presented this decision "Should I give this citizen litigant, without a lawyer, his day in court, like the constitution demands, to state his claim produce his evidence. OR continue to protect the bank, in their strategy of attrition. 

For those 15 years I have fought for a trial, to show that laws broken by Ocwen and Chase, cost my home of 26 years, my experimental, award-winning aircraft, my business since leaving Microsoft, starting and operating my home based business Residential Fire Sprinklers. 

All I wanted was a trial, but for now, 15 years later, and many appeals I have still  not been given a chance to make my charges, in a court of law.

Right, David ! 

Sadly, after 15 years, with and without professional legal representation, no luck ! 

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