Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A request for Presidential intervention Nov 9, 2016

Today the 9th Circuit ordered that my case be remanded to the Bankruptcy Appellant Panel, with instructions to order my case be dismissed for a lack of jurisdiction of the court.

This is so much BS. My case, bringing undeniable charges against the banks, quickly turned into a hot potato of jurisdictional legal debate, but as in earlier appeals, completely ignored the indisputable facts against the banks.   

Today I emailed a letter to our President, Barrack Obama.


Dear Mr. President:

After the 9th Circuit Published Opinion today, November 9, 2016, Ozenne v Chase and Ocwen, 11-60039. 

I am requesting your assistance to order a trial at the US District Court, to determine if the law has been broken. Please consider this a formal request for a presidential order, as chief law enforcement officer, that will order the 9th Circuit en banc court an order, to give me a open and fair trial to resolve this 15 year dispute with the banks. 

All I have ever asked for in over 15 years of pro-se appeals. is for the court to order a trial on the merits of my claims, which violation changed my life dramatically, from average guy who left Microsoft to start a fire protection business, to homelessness. 

The banks violated the law and I lost my home of 26 years, since built in 1976. According to the United States Constitution, I am guaranteed a forum to resolve such disputes, rather than taking the law into your own hands, often with deadly results. That is the purpose of this promise in our constitution. 

If my facts are correct you taught constitutional law at Harvard earlier, my understanding of our constitution is limited to a class in government at Hawthorne High School, 1967 from senior government teacher, Richard Gertsen. This teacher taught us, that under the rule of law, we had a right, to bring those who harmed you into a court to determine the facts.

This is why I request this order, to take my life off of  'hold' and allow the case proceed to trial. It's been over 15 years I have been denied  a trial, to determine if my claims are valid, even though its a big bank, with big bank lawyers, against my  pro-Se status. I still have a right, and deserve a trial. After all , I have broken no law, and lost everything, while banks chicanery goes unexamied.  

Mr President please consider this urgent request to order a trial for me , against the behemoth banks, behind of much misery to American homeowners.


Gary Ozenne

 Thanks to all my pals who support me. 

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