Saturday, February 20, 2016

Scott and Judge: Time really is flying by , faster each year

On this day in 1969,  energy animated itself into the form of male child born in Southern California, on Prarie Ave, at the Daniel Freeman Hospital.  

There was trouble immediately after birth, with the positioning of his heart, possibly backwards. 

 his heart was mispositioned (backwords) and advised me to prepare Carol, that the outcome may be uncertain. Forunately, his heart grew stronger, physically, and socially at school. 

At elementary, and junior high, he was nothing but a delight. Filled with the energy, and genetic instructions from our DNA, that made him intelligent, and sociable. 

Later, seeing him as Prince Charming and Elvis at Disneyland,  gave him a thrill, as it did me, as he waved to me in the crowd. 

A career in the friendly skies of United Airlines, Scott worked as purser (flight attendent in charge)  enjoyed that job for several years, 

In 2011, Scott and Shawn moved from Long Beach CA, to Butler, TN to start a new life, which has been successful for both of them. Scott giving his professional attention to the Home Depot, one company, that teaches integrity at every level, 

Scott's cousin Judge, was born on the same day, only one year earlier, in 1968,  the two have remained close, all of their lives. So Happy Birthday to 'Judge' Rodgers, as well as Scott, who has had a similar script, with some differences  from Scott's

So Men, Happy Birthday

I love both of you guys,, 


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