Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Glimmer of hope. Judge Jury seems to understand issues

Fourteen Years ago,,,and counting 

February 24, 2003 


The  February 17, 2003 notice of eviction posted by the Riverside County Sheriff, ordered us to be out by February 17, 2003, Presidents Day..still recovering from my recent stroke. nephew Judge Rodgers acted as ramrod, to get it all done.    we had moved most of my assets, personal and business (Residential Fire Sprinkler) .  we had been moving 26 years of my life into two storage units 

See The words spoken by attorneys ( Actual Court Transcripts from February 24, 2003, United States Bankruptcy Court, case 01-18618MJ.   

Basically, the bank sold my house while I was protected by a bankruptcy case  of the bankruptcy court. for me and my startup company Glo Fire Sprinklers, a corporation formed with me and a childhood friend.  

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