Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Kamala Harris: war on drugs failed, legalize medical marijuana

from sfgate 

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California’s top cop and candidate for Sen. Barbara Boxer’s seat, Kamala Harris, issued one of her strongest statements of support for medical cannabis this week.
Speaking at the annual convention of California democrats, Harris said she would stand up for people, and challenge the policy of mass incarceration by recognizing the “war on drugs was a failure”.
“Now is the time to end the federal ban on medical marijuana,” she said. “It is,” she said, then laughed.
Attorney General Harris’ new statement aligns her with Sen. Boxer who co-sponsored a bill this year to end the federal war on medical marijuana. Some 80 percent of Americans also support legal medical cannabis.
Harris’ critics note that as Attorney General, she stood mute since 2011 as federal officials raided, arrested, prosecuted and threatened with forfeiture some of the state’s most legitimate medical marijuana operators, including several licensed dispensaries in San Francisco, Marin, and Oakland.
Those federal actions drew strong rebuke from Gov. Brown, who said California doesn’t need “federal gendarmes” interfering with the state’s 19 year-old medical cannabis program.
Last year, Harris irked activists by laughing at questions about legalizing cannabis for adults in California — which about 54 percent of Californians support.
The primary for Sen. Boxer’s seat is in 2016.

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