Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My email to Vice President Joe Biden

emailed (with proper salutation) to Vice President Biden  on October 14, 2014

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What would you do ?

In 2002 creditor banks (Chase and Ocwen)  successfully argued and convinced the bankruptcy court to dismiss my personal and business bankruptcy case.

The perfidious lawyers for the bank convinced the court to dismiss my case with prejudice, which was fine with me, I no longer needed the bankruptcy courts protections,  I was happy to be rid of courts and lawyers.

Out of bankruptcy, I was approved for a new loan on my home of 26 years  which also served as company headquarters for my new business, Residential Fire Sprinklers, which I started in 1991, after leaving a 20 year career in computers and software.

I was quickly approved for a new loan on the house, but the loan could not close. The bank, in violation of the bankruptcy automatic stay, and unknown by the court, had issued an unlawful deed 16 months earlier. 

California law allows only the beneficiary, (Chase), or the trustee, (Chase's attorneys) could legally record a rescission of this unlawful deed issued in violation of bankruptcy law.

Instead of fixing their error, the bank held another sale and issued another deed to a real estate investor, Two days after he won his eviction lawsuit, Chase / Ocwen rescinded the unlawful deed, giving clear title to the real estate investor  on September 26, 2002.

I was evicted from my home of 26 years on President's Day 
February 17, 2003. My fire sprinkler company failed shortly after.  

Since then, I have fought, first with lawyers until my money ran out, then since 2003, self represented. The facts are undeniable and the law well settled. But guess what ?

I cannot tell my story!  My rights to a court hearing or trial  have  been denied!  The bankruptcy court claimed it had no jurisdiction after the case was dismissed, to allow me to show my proof and have the court apply the law.

All I have asked for was a trial or hearing.. I have, for 12 years now,  appealed all the way to the US Supreme Court, I'm on my third appeals track now. I have been denied my due process rights under American Law. My current, and third appeal has been before the 9th Circuit since January 2012. 11-60039.  

Since you represent the executive branch of the government, which enforces the law. I am wondering what to do next, besides preparing for a Supreme Court petition.   

Any Ideas ?

Gary Ozenne
7351 Piute Creek Drive
CoronaCA 92881


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