Saturday, September 16, 2017

My current plans


Let's face it folks, our consciousness that makes us feel like our way, our game, our way of percieving each other, is an energy that has ebbs , and flows. 

I am waiting for a call from, waiting to be deployed to a current disaster.  which the love interest of my best friend, fat Ed Lutz, (passed  Aug 2005) 

, Lisa Young, who gave me the info to get hired  

So, Steve Rainwater, Billy Schaffer, Russ Fontaine, and I am sure I missed others,, but I didn't forget Cindy's kids, 

It's a good job, if you love the variety of human variety and experience. I have enjoyed this work, since I was first deployed to hurricane Wilma, which was going on, while I was in class. 

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