Wednesday, September 13, 2017

A request to President Trump

September 13, 2017

President Trump,

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has, for 15 years denied my Constitutional right to redress.  I have never threatened violence against the greedy interests, but am now without options, without your executive action.  

For over 15 years the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled in favor of the banking and mortgage interests, after my home of 26 years was stolen, with chicanery and paperwork, and violating 11 USC 362(a).  then winning by simply staying out of court to face the undeniable facts of my case.

Mr. President, I have wracked my brain as to why this coterie of circuit judges, would deny a trial for Gary Ozenne. Every citizen is entitled to that trial, even for a speeding ticket, but not for me

Since Hawthorne High School, government classes taught me the Constitution and its amendments, were the bedrock of our system of law.

Let a jury determine facts. That's how I was always taught.  We are a nation of laws,  not men or women.  

On  January 17, 2006, this same judge was reversed on the same law (See Ozenne v Dollar Storage,  Jan 17, 2006,  BAP  )  

Whatever the motivation of these 9th circuits jurist's  it doesn't really matter.  In their final analysis, without ever seeing me, or asking one question, determined I was playing a scam, by asking for a writ, instead of asking for an extension of the statute of limitations. I thought the request for a writ was proper.  

Please issue an executive order, that demands a trial for Gary Ozenne, in the United States District Court.

Let's make America Great Again,,  kick out the jams,  drain the swamp, and embrace our nation of laws, starting with the US Constitution.  

Best of luck, in your administration and best wishes of good health to all your family.

Gary L. Ozenne

7351 Piute Creek Drive

Corona, CA 92881-4250

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