Tuesday, March 28, 2017

March 28, 2017

I am so disappointed with the current members of judicial power in the 29 Jurists of the 9th Circuit. They ruled I did not have constitutional authority to demand a trial. Where facts could be proven by an independent jury of my peers, to determine the facts, then demanding that the court applies applicable current law.  

Apparently, all 29 members skipped school the day they taught constitutional law. 

You know, the same class we all went through in 11th or 12th year of High School. Where it was taught that no one can take your property, or assets, without due process of law.  A fair trial. This was the base law of the land

After the latest introduction of this new administration, almost each declaration of incoming government officials, they all, including the President, promise to " preserve, protect and defend" the constitution of the United States of America.  This is my civil right, like any other citizen, fortunate enough to have proof of their birthplace. 

So let's live up to this supposed guarantee of base law, that this country was founded upon. 

Gary O 

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