Sunday, August 21, 2016

Brave New World

from     Title from Adulous Huxley's book   

I have featured this story before but it is Worth Repeating!  

This story is:
Dedicatied to the brave American soldiers I have never met, and their families that were shocked and devastated today, August 21, 2016,  to learn that their loved one who survived the war (dumbest thing ever)  to learn that that husband / wife/ parent/ relative  whose whole world and consciousness changed dramatically today. I pray for all 22 of them adjusting to a new world, a new consciousness that changed their life's script so dramatically. All 22 of them.. It turns out there is some progress since new data shows that its down to 20 per day !  

Click Here to see incredible story  Amazing !   This is the future and beginning of a reassessment of drug policy.   Even the medical school Doctors . seem amazed!   Julie Holland is a bright hope as America emerges from this period of ignorance. 

As usual power structures resist change, the are literally 'power tripping'  and based on foolish classifications made back in the foggy  daze of 40 years ago.  

August 21, 2016  Corona, CA   

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