Monday, August 17, 2015

Motion for Jury Trial

from an electronically filed court motion  August 17, 2015   

August 17, 2015

The United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit 

Case 11-60039  

Ozenne v. Chase Manhattan and Ocwen Federal Bank  

Motion to file substitute or corrected brief

Appellant corrects part of his opening brief filed January 5, 2012, and amends his requested relief. 

On Page 3 of Appellants opening brief, second paragraph, last sentence which read  "On 

Friday I wired $22,823.66 to Ocwen in Fort Lee New Jersey, and shortly after Ocwen 

recorded a rescission on the trustees deed"  

It should have said 

"On Friday I wired $22,823.66 to Ocwen in Fort Lee New Jersey, and Ocwen never 

recorded a trustees deed  Leaving title to the property vested in my name Gary L. Ozenne"

Appellant Gary Ozenne requests the court, to amend my relief requested. In the event of a 

favorable decision on my case,  from this panel, appelant request that his case be 

remanded back to the United States District court, for a trial by jury. 

We Pray.  

Gary Ozenne  - Appellant 
August 17, 2015   

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