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My Letter to Jamie Dimon June 2012

June 11, 2012

Jamie Dimon
CEO JPMorgan Chase & Co
270 Park Ave.
New York, New York 10017

Dear Jamie:

I grew up in Hawthorne California in the fifties and sixties. I learned to fly while at Hawthorne High School
and when I turned 18, I passed the FAA tests to become a certified flight instructor. A few years later a
flight student hired and mentored me at Sperry-Univac in Los Angeles which started a 20 year career in
the computer industry.

In 1991, I came to recognize the life saving potential and business opportunity of fire sprinklers installed in
new homes as standard equipment, like seat belts in cars. I resigned my sales position at Microsoft to
start GLO Fire Sprinkler Systems Inc. Later, when my partner wanted to go his own way, I started
Residential Fire Sprinklers, after I passed the California contractors C-16 license test in 1994.

In 1998 I obtained a home loan from Ameriquest, and a short time later your bank became the owner and
beneficiary and Ocwen Federal Bank became the agent that serviced my loan. Chase Manhattan, was
the trustee of a bundle of loans of which mine was just one, as your representative, Andrew North, pointed
out in his reply to my letter to you in October of 2007. Ocwen, the service agent violated federal
bankruptcy law by conveying title to my property in May 2001, to a third party while I was protected by a
bankruptcy stay, trying to reorganize my fire protection business.

Sixteen months later your attorneys and the attorneys for Ocwen argued to the bankruptcy court that my
attempted TILA rescission made on the Ameriquest loan in April of 2001, was evidence of my ‘bad faith’
and my bankruptcy case should be dismissed. The court agreed and dismissed my case. A month later
when I tried to refinance my loan, on the home I owned since 1976, I was prevented from doing so,
because title was still conveyed to the buyer of the unlawful sale 16 months earlier.

Instead of fixing this, which only Chase as the loans beneficiary, or the loan trustee could do, by recording
a rescission of the unlawfully issued trustees deed with the county recorder, Ocwen, instead, held
another sale, and once I was evicted, cleared up the title for this new buyer.

For ten years I have fought to gain a hearing to judicially examine these facts, and thus far have been
prevented by the vigorous legal defense of your attorneys, and lately issues of bankruptcy jurisdiction,
which I have asked the court to clarify in my latest appeal in my attempt to gain a hearing.

My appeal, Ozenne v. Chase Manhattan et al, 11-60039, is now before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. I still have not hired professional representation. My informal pro-se opening brief can be found at

I did not hire Ocwen, and when Andrew North suggested I contact them regarding how my loan was
serviced, I had to smile. Unknown, to Andrew, of course, was the fact that in 2004, Governor
Schwarzenegger had inquired on my behalf to the Office of Thrift Supervision, and in Ocwen’s four page
response to OTS, Ocwen simply lied about rescinding the unlawful deed.

I hope the hearings you endured today went well, because unlike the CEO of Ocwen, I believe you are the
right man for this historic role your path has put you on. I have never associated you, with the reckless
activities of these banks that tuned Wall Street investment banking into casino betting, and now threatens
the world’s financial stability.

Jamie, it’s not too late for Chase Manhattan and I to resolve our differences without judicial intervention.
If this has any appeal to you, please have your representative contact me.

Good Luck on your future challenges in American banking, I suspect they will be great.


Gary L. Ozenne
7351 Piute Creek Drive
Corona, CA 92881


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