Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Amanda Knox tonight on Channel 7 and this live Podcast for Santa Monica

April 30, 2013

Two Big Events Tonight ! 

First, Santa Monica California, 

The City council will hear discussion about the Santa Monica Airport. 

Many locals would like it closed. These citizens have decided that the dangers and problems having an airport in their community is no longer desired. 

I disagree. Airports serve the public, and should not be closed at the objection of those under the flight path.  Of course, no one wants the noise, pollution, or potential danger of operating aircraft near their homes. That is only natural. 

We enjoy, however, flying to far away places to visit friends and family, and exotic vacations  that for the invention of the airplane, would be unavailable. 

Those complaining about living close to an airport have a great remedy  They can move. An airport cannot move easily. So if those complaining about local airport irritations, would be willing to never use airports and our United States Air traffic control system would pledge to never use, the services of these airports, their arguments would have greater influence.

Few, if any, would consent to this, and the dispute goes on. 

The Meeting can be seen at  http://www.smgov.net/video/   

The second highlight is the Diane Sawyer interview of Amanda Knox at 10 PM on ABC.

I see Amanda as America's Daughter, and like her interviewer, Diane Sawyer has said earlier, from promo's about the interview ,  "look into her eyes, and make up your own mind"  

Enough said about that. 

Gary Ozenne


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