Thursday, February 9, 2017

Letter to President Trump

February 9, 2017 

President Trump, 

For over 15 years the 9th circuit court of appeals have refused to give me a trial or hearing, to show how unlawful actions the banks committed, cost my home of 26 years. and my home based business, Residential Fire Sprinklers, operated since resigning from Microsoft in 1991 -dumb move-  

In March 2016 The split decision by the three member court, ruled an intermiedate court was did not have power to consider or  issue an order for a trial followed  by en banc court court rehearing proved that they ignored that constitutional law. by refusing to  give me a trial or hearing to determine the facts. These leaned justice 'professionals' did not follow the United states constitution, taught in High School in 11th or 12th grades.

The 3 member split panel, and the rehearing panel of all judges, agreed with lower court, but reinforced the idea that I was the bad guy.   Without examination, just determined my motives, had not remember the Constitution  decided that the victim became the villain, yet still refusing to give me a hearing, they have served as cover cover for the corporate interests of the banks, by keeping me out of court, the lawyers decided upon a strategy of attrition. I am cellular, they have longer corporate lives. 

My appeal to Supreme Court should arrive in Washington D.C tomorrow, Friday the 10th of February. by federal express. I am not a lawyer, so It's not that great, so I am asking you to issue an executive order, giving me a trial the 9th Circuit jurists have denied me since 2001. 

The constitution guarantees a fair and open trial, to determine facts, and apply the law.   I have been denied this basic constitutional law, not to mention the blind eye, about bankruptcy law 11 USC 362(a) 

President Trump, end this nightmare , and issue an executive order , ordering  a trial for me.

Gary Ozenne

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