Friday, February 17, 2017

February 17, 2003 Eviction Day

February 17, 2017

Corona California, fast backwards  14 years ago today, I was unlawfully evicted from my home of 26 years, which caused the loss of my business Residential Fire Sprinklers, operated from my home after leaving my sales job with Microsoft. 

The banks, violated the law by issuing a deed to the O'Neals, while i was in a bankruptcy proceeding with my business, and protected by what is know as the 'automatic stay' 11 USC 362(a), and although they told my lawyer, they would upwind wind everything, they did not. 

Sixteen months later, this errant deed, prevented my approved refinance, but instead of making it right, by rescinding the O'Neal deed, at that late date, Chase Manhattan or Ocwen, could have made this right, by recording such rescission an as the only parties who are allowed to record such a document "Rescission of Trustee's Deed"  

The banks did not resolve this 'mistake' (violation of federal law) and when I filed a lawsuit, the banks ignored it, and did not even acknowledge its existence  for over 4 years, without consequence.  

These greedy banking interests, could have done the right, and moral thing, instead they ignored federal law, and did the profitable thing, they sold it again!  

I feel like saying didn't these jurists of the en banc (full court) go to 11th or 12th-grade studies of our education system , that we learned to live by law, instead of men. 

It was William Gladstone who first charged that "Justice Delayed is Justice Denied" 

Now after 15 years of simply trying to get an open hearing, or trial, something a speeding motorist, can easily get.  The banks literally steal my home, and the courts, at least in the 9th circuit, refuse to give me an open hearing for 15 years now, to learn the true facts.  

Why are  they protecting the banking interests, why don't I get my day in court, if Chase/Ocwen have a defense, I am sure the banks attorney's could make short work of me.  

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