Monday, June 13, 2016

Let's Keep The Facts Straight

Lately it has come to my attention, that some close, well intentioned  friends and relatives, believe that I must have been at least partially at fault and partially responsable,  for the loss of my home of 26 years. 


October 13, 2000  - I wire to Ocwen in Fort Lee NJ, the amount of money indicated   from their faxed reinstement quote to bring my loan current through  October 31, 2000. The next payment would be due November 1, 2000.

In December 2000,  filing papers away,  I added the line items of Ocwens reinstatement quote dated on  October 12, 2000 and it did not jive with the given total. 

I tripled checked each line item, and sure enough, the line items given were accurate, the total given by the sum of the line items line fax was $22,823.66 , when the true total was  $18,982.41. I had overpaid the true amount, by $3841.25. 

I immeadiately called and alerted Ocwen, asking if I would be getting a check, or a receipt showing it would be applied to future payments. They told me they would "look into it" , the very next month,on January 22, 2001, the bank recorded a notice of default with the Riverside County Recorder. The bank claimed I was in default, for $10, 539.69.  

This started the foreclosure process that ultimately cost my home of 26 years, and so much more. 

I just want a trial, an opportunity to prove my allegations. 

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