Saturday, August 31, 2013

Syria and symbolic reality

Symbolic reality can usefully be described as our human experience that has influenced our consciousness since birth.  

Written and verbal communication today relies on a 35,000 to 55,000 word vocabulary that describes how our human nervous systems intersect with the outside world. 

We throw a few symbols at each other that describes each others perspective.  

Each word symbolizes some item or feeling in this reality. 

For instance, the four symbols, b o a t  put together forms another symbol which describes something that floats on the water.

Later in life, if we become powerful, politically, this basic understanding of reality does not change.  

Barrack Obama is likely facing the greatest challenge of his presidency, influenced largely by the symbols, of righteousness, and retribution. He wants to condemn Syrian leaders for the destruction of their innocent people. 

We cannot allow such savagery to exist in this world of 2013.

Nevertheless, if we strike Syrian targets, we should expect a retribution from those who believe their way is the correct way of thinking.  

How do we convince others that our's is the best way.? 

In the end, our cosmology, or belief in how it all evolved or how we should feel about it, is up to our personal thoughts, beliefs, or understanding, of how our reality operates, usually influenced by our parents worldview of symbols. 


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