Friday, May 31, 2013

Timothy Leary is Dead

On this day in Los Angeles in 1996, Dr. Timothy Francis Leary peacefully passed from this world into the next energy state. In the words of his co-authored text, The Psychedelic Experience, he traveled to the clear light of reality.  

I came to know of him after a very unpleasant experience in 1969 when a friend had slipped a tab of 'orange sunshine' to me. Although I did not want to take LSD, what I had read described a very pleasurable experience. This was anything but pleasant. I had to know more, and visited the Hawthorne Library. 

Reading 'The Psychedelic Experience' and ' The Politics of Ecstasy  as well as other books, and conducting further experiments, I concluded along with Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert, and many others, that the experience produced by the drug, was determined by the set and setting.

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