Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

My thought's and a tribute to Mom's Young and Old

Happy Mothers Day to all the mother's I know and love. 

First, a big hug and kiss to the ultimate mother in my lifetime; Esther Jensen 1892 -1993.  Esther, insisted to my mom, that a spiritual, as well as a practical education be given to the son's of her oldest daughter. 

Next, my Aunt Adeline, who I still lovingly call 'Antique'.  She is the mother of my cousins; Yale, Joanne, Donna, and Larry. Antique, is very special in my life, and after my mom passed (her sister) during a lifetime low, she kept me focused on the bigger picture in life outlined by the love of Jesus Christ. 

Her daughters, Joanne and Donna, have raised a progeny of christian followers, steeped in christian love, service  and compassion.  

The love of Joann and Bob Ferguson produced the next generation of this family tree. Sheri, Robert, and Casey, while sister Donna, and Tommy Haas got married and produced Curtiss and Scott. 

JoAnne, and Sheri, have  become the earth mother combo of family  love and tradition.  I can see with clarity, the bright spiritual light of love, passed from Baba, to Antique, to JoAnne  to Sherri and now, Clark and Sheri's daughters.  These mothers of daughters, have kept the meaning of mothers day, in my mind.  

Teri Russell is the mother of two bright and beautiful daughters in the Pacific Northwest. Indeed,  Felicia, the oldest, has a new member in the next gene pool.  Beautiful!

Friends Mike and Megan, just introduced a new life to this world from North Carolina.  

Happy Mother;s Day to Karen Rubrecht, mother of three beautiful and accomplished daughters. Their father, my cousin Stan, is smiling BROADLY, tonight as he watches his daughters make their way in this challenging world, without their loving Dad.  

Happy Mom's day to Marie and JoAnne Trimborn whose offspring have been such a great part of my life, and have produced the inimitable Douglas and Claire. 

A very tight hug, and love to the parents of Dylan, the parents of Donald, the parents of Mitchell, and the parents of Darrell. May God bless you and keep you close, for you have endured the worst imaginable. 

This mother's day reminds me of the sad state of affairs with women, worldwide. 

What ever made us think, as a society, that men were better, or more effective leaders, then women. The more powerful male has always been able to inflict his will on the generally less powerful female. It seems to me, that the current state of world affairs is a direct consequence of that naive notion. War's are everywhere. And what for ?  

Mother's, daughter's, sisters, the time has come. 

Perhaps we are at a turning point in human evolution.  

Enough is enough. Recent events of rape in India, the US military's unreported sex scandal, human trafficking, Cleveland,  what's next?

Women, do it. You truly have the power to change things

The power, of course, is not in guns, like the gun nuts would like you to believe,  but in the ability to quickly organize and share information. The ultimate revolutionaries tool is the tablet computer. 

A special Happy Mom's day to Carol in Tennessee,  my ex, and Scott's mother. 

So, again Happy Mother's Day to all my friends and mothers.

Gary O 

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