Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Supreme Court meets the genetic code

March 27, 2013

The Supreme Court of the United States today listened to arguments for and against DOMA or the Defense of Marriage Act, which prohibits gay couples to enjoy the same privileges as married couples defined as a man and a woman.  It is likely toast. Yesterday was an appeal about a California case and a state law proposition, and its possible constitutional implications.

Remembering that our own coded instructions from the present back to the beginning of life has beguiled us into sexual situations, and sometimes those actions are not considered normal or 'appropriate' as defined by that societies mores and folkways. The imperative of the DNA of course is simply to fuck! Produce those wild fireworks when an egg is inseminated by a male seed and the resultant new life is an amalgamation of the two parents. 

Now the quickly changing demographic and acceptance of gay lifestyles perplexes the top legal minds of our society. It's always been that way. We remember even Galileo had his problems 

The horrific case of Matthew Shepard exemplifies how deeply the fears and prejudices can warp human reactions against a human being of a different persuasion.  It also shows our greater need for diversity and acceptance. The idea of live and let live. 

It seems that in a tolerant accepting society married people should be defined by the two people, male or female, wishing to share their life-path together. The beautiful wide variety of people with social and sexual styles similar to our own gives us choices as to who that special person is.  

The Easter season reminds many world religions of the faith in death and rebirth, moving forward, new life. Let's hope the nine justices of the United States Supreme Court consider the newly emerging wave of acceptance of the emerging generation. 


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