Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The day my life changed

March 6, 2003

The Day my life changed !

This was the continued hearing from 10 day's earlier on February 24, 2003. It seemed that at last, these lawbreaking bankers would have to answer for their unlawful behavior - secretly transferring title -  which prevented me from getting a new loan on my home after these same bankers convinced the judge to dismiss my bankruptcy case, arguing that I was in 'bad faith' while I tried to guide my new company, Residential Fire Sprinklers, into profitability.

On the night before the scheduled hearing we were so confident that things would get straightened out in court the next day, that my nephew Judge, and I threw back an early celebratory shot of Crown Royal at the Dynasty Inn on west 6th Street in Corona,  went to dinner at the Cask & Cleaver at Lincoln on the 91 Freeway, and dined on steak and lobster. We reasoned that the following night we would be busy renting a U-Haul and moving all the household and business goods from the two units at Dollar Storage, that we had moved into 17 days earlier which was also right here on Lincoln and would not have time to celebrate the ending of this two  year nightmare. I really did not consider the old adage about counting hatched chickens. 

During the ten day wait I notified attorney Louis Bruno in Escondido, who perked up when I told him about the February 24th 2003 hearing. I had not been able to pay him since my initial retainer, back in November of 2001, and he had represented be in state court through 2002. Lou informed me he would make the trip up from Escondido, hoping this was not another legal dead end!

We entered the courtroom and met the bankers, Manchurian Candidate, posing as the honorable Meredith Jury.

Also in court today, who was not at the February 24th hearing was the perfidious Diane Weifenbach, new partner of the Orange County law firm Dreyfuss, Ryan and Weifenbach,  and former attorney for Chase Manhattan and Ocwen Federal Bank FSB throughout for the last two years.  This firm was replaced in  November of 2002 by new attorney's for Chase Manhattan and Ocwen Federal Bank FSB, Houser & Alison


The Transcript from the continued hearing held on March 6th 2003 at 3 pm in Riverside California 

After the hearing Judge, Bruno and I stood on the courtroom steps, bewildered, wondering what had just happened. Little did I know that a decade later, and two trips to the United States Supreme Court, I would still be fighting for a court hearing to have my grievances heard.

My hope now is again at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Case 11-60039 

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