Saturday, November 25, 2017

My Second Wind

November 25, 2017 

I cannot stay silent any further. This is an issue to give pause to every American citizen. 

I am 68 years old, and have apparently been misinformed  by our American school systems that taught that our form of government is superior to others, since it was based on the rule of law, not of men or women.  

This was certainly what our forefathers had in mind crafting The Bill of Rights, and amendments to the United States Constitution.  Granting each citizen inalienable rights.

We never think of having to defend those rights because its rarely  needed. This is one of those times. 

The bank, and crooked Ocwen, the loan servicer, sold my home of 26 years, while I was in a bankruptcy proceeding with my start up company, Residential Fire Sprinklers.  This was a serious violation of federal law under the bankruptcy code (11 USC 362(a) )   

Then incredibly, even after learning , that they had never rescinded the unlawfully issued deed  by recording such a document, when  and after my new loan, was approved at Indy Mac Bank, could not close because of this unlawful deed, which had been recorded at the county recorder. Almost two week after my bankruptcy. Then, continuing through the appeals process, it happened again, when the storage operator sold all of my asset, and the same judge denied my motion for sanctions which was denied, But justiced prevailed when I appealed to the appeals court reversed the court.  

But now, the full, en banc court decided , without asking me on question, decided i was the bad guy, trying to short cut the appeals court. The Supreme court, declined to review it.  

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