Saturday, November 11, 2017

Honoring Staff Sargent JW Boyd, who fought in the Battle of the Bulge

November 11, 2017   

JW Boyd, (and yes, JW , is his first name) was a Texas boy born in the 1920's  who lived in Texas with his family through the depression .  

As so as he was old enough, he was drafted, sent to basic and infantry training, he soon on the Queen Mary , to take soldiers across the Atlantic.

On the front, moving towards Paris, crossing a river, JW was hit with shrapnel in several parts of his body, and was awarded a purple heart, and sent to Paris to recover. 

In May, JW, now recovered, and  was sent back to the front.  

It must have been approximately  May 9-14,   because when bouncing around in a Jeep,on there way to the front, like a miracle, on the same road, were GI's who were driving jubilant, happy  although seeming going  the wrong way but smiling with a joyous sounds of exaltation, 'The war is Over' they screamed.  Go back !  We won !

JW was returned to the US to get jungle training for the anticipated invasion of Japan. 

Harry Truman resolved everything with two bombings.  After August 1945, JW returned to America.  

Salute to you Sir :  


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