Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Follow up to AG Lynch message in AG's online form

My name is Gary Ozenne, in 2003 I lost my home of 26 years and my home based business Residential Fire Sprinklers when I could not close a new home loan I had applied for. That is because the title was not in my name, but rather, to the O'Neals, whom the banks had issued a deed to 16 months earlier, and failed to rescind. while I was protected by a bankruptcy 'automatic stay'  11 USC 362(a).   The banks  Chase Manhattan, beneficiary, and loan servicer, Ocwen Federal Bank F.S.B.,   issued a deed to O'Neal, which was recorded. I alerted the bankruptcy court  November 2002, but the court dismissed the case, citing no jurisdiction once the case is dismissed the court ruled.

This began over 15 years of pro-se appeals. Since I believed deeply that  I was right, I never imagined that a law abiding typical citizen would have this much difficulty to gain a trial,  where the facts could be proven. and justice could be rendered. 

But instead, the legal jurists debated jurisdiction issues.   Now, in their latest legal impression of me, without oral argument, the November 9th decision, in Ozenne v Chase Manhattan et. all. and this was the en banc ruling, Ozenne,  the victim,  has become the bad guy. Trying to take shortcuts in his  15-year dispute. But denied his constitutional rights under the law.  

I am 67 years old. Either the US Constitution is a document, ignored, or its the bedrock to our rule of law, not men or women. or it isn't.  Attorney General Lynch, Pease help me. Show the world that our constitution, and the rule of law, is sometime delayed, but never denied.  God Bless You.  951-496-7525 

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