Saturday, October 10, 2015

A repost from 2014 about my Grandmother

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Esther Jensen 1892 - 1993

October 10, 2014

Twenty one years ago today, is a day forever imprinted into my brain. I shared in the peaceful, passing of my grandmother. Esther Jensen, the former Esther Pierson, from this state of existence into the next.

Baba, as we called her, in her long life, was the person, who set, and kept my path on a spiritual life of enlightenment. Baba’s heritage and religious belief  that she introduced me to, was Lutheran. The religion started by  Martin Luther,  Who challenged the pope, among other things, about passing out dispensations for cash or assets. He believed we were saved by faith in Jesus Christ, and not by acts.

A genetic agent Martin thought for himself and challenged authority, which is the bedrock of my beliefs.  

So now, the surviving  progeny of Julius Jensen and Esther Pierson,  Adeline Gieszl still carries the that spark of life. Looking into her eyes , you can almost see that wire coil of life that has gone unbroken, since the beginning of cellular life on this planet.

The loving style and influence of Baba also guided daughter Adeline, into a path of love and acceptance . My mom, Pearl, and youngest daughter Betty, never got ‘lit’ by this cosmological ‘kick’ of discovery, of such basic questions we all want to know;  how did we get here, where are we going, how should we feel, how does it end. 

Then what happens. Questions asked since the beginning of human consciousness are answered by religion.

Remembering her mid sixties trip to the holy land.  in her own words.

My Auntie, Adeline , and her mom, are DNA's agents which sprout love, here and now, on this planet, in this consciousness.

Love you Auntie.


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