Friday, July 4, 2014

Thoughts on the 4th of July 2014

from garyo

Happy 4th of July to all Americans.

 I'ts the Fourth of July 2014.

All through school,  I learned, bit by bit,, what American law was , with 3 separate bodies to govern. This assured that no one side of the triangle of American law, became superior over the other two bodies. Checks and balances is how I understood it.

The fifth amendment (Bill of Rights) and the Fourteenth Amendment, after the civil war guarantee that the government, or private industries, cannot take your freedom, (prison) or property without a hearing to determine the legality of such a move.  That is our America way. Each citizen is guaranteed their day in court.  

We have all grown up believing this was true. Everyone get's  their day in court.  

In practice , however, this has not proven to be true in my case.

Since 2002, I have fought for my day in court. !

Wall Street interests, and judicial decisions have prevented me from stating my claims, and gaining a hearing or trial, to prove my accusations. For over 12 years, our judiciary system in the 9th circuit Court of appeals have denied me this right. I just want a hearing or preferably a trial where i can state my claim, show my evidence, and allow the court to apply the law. 

Think of it,, you lose your home of 26 years and the home based business Residential Fire Sprinklers, you started after quitting quitting a career at Microsoft.

 It was difficult enough from moving from computer, and software concepts to the quite different reality of the construction industry. 

Once I figured out what had happened to me ,, I alerted the Judge, the honorable Meredith Jury,  in my self represented pro-se motion, informing the court on November 21, 2002 of the unlawful actions of the banks  (Chase Manhattan) and their service agents (Ocwen),  

link to pleading to the Judge  11-21-2002

Now, I await for the court to consider my plea, for the Third time  

Local friends from So Cal and Tampa Fl,, have kept me energized to fight this terrible injustice.

I celebrate our country's birthday, I hope the judicial follows the law, a decision is expected shortly.  

Gary O 


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