Thursday, July 31, 2014

Happy Birthday Amber, July 31. My life changes at 53 years old

July 31, will always be a day I remember.

First, it is the birthday of Amber Rodgers, my nephew Judge's oldest daughter, whose bright intellect and great grades, have impressed everyone.  She continues to represent, and exemplify the hope, and bright future of her generation. My birthday wish for you Amber, is continue to G R O W ,,Go Right On Winning.  You have impressed everyone ! 

It also is the day my life changed completely in 2002.

On that day I went to the Corona Civic Center, to witness the illegal sale of my home of twenty-six years by Chase Manhattan and their shady loan servicing  bank, Ocwen Federal Bank FSB.

Two months earlier the banks successfully argued for the court to dismiss my bankruptcy case for my ailing company, Residential Fire Sprinklers, for 'playing fast and loose' and 'bad faith'. The court was convinced by the bankers attorney's and dismissed my bankruptcy case with prejudice.

Within four weeks I had been approved for a new loan, but at the closing, it was discovered that the property was not in my name. O'Neal owned the property as far as the recorded documents were concerned. O'Neal was the party, the bank unlawfully issued the deed to 16 months earlier. 

Only the bank could change title, according to Cal Law, (rescission of deed). Two days after the state court gave possession in an unlawful detainer action, Chase and Ocwen, the only ones legally entitled to record such a transfer rescinded the unlawful deed they had issued 16 months earlier. 

This of course is what prevented my new loan from closing, and now, gave this new buyer, Vista Homes, a real estate speculator,  clear title. 

Had the banks, Chase or Ocwen done this earlier, my approved refinance would have closed and their would be no dispute today.

 Instead, of fixing the title issues, the banks apparently decided to double down, and instead of fixing this gigantic blunder, held another sale and issued another deed to a real estate speculator Vista Homes.

Since then, for 12 years I have unsuccessfully appealed for a judicial hearing or trial  

Meanwhile, Chase/Ocwen have continued to bask in the fruits of their deceit, while this American citizen cannot seem to get his day in court !

I must say, without trying to sound too dramatic,  that if they did this to me (average citizen), they can do it to any one of you. 

Best Wishes

Gary Ozenne

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