Sunday, June 30, 2013

A public servant with integrity.

Bob Trimborn has retired from his position as the Airport Executive for the City of Santa Monica for the last 17 years. 

As long as I have known Bob Trimborn he has been  a straight shooter. The John Glenn of our teenage flying club, the Aeroteens, he has developed into a knowledgeable advocate of general aviation, while walking the tightrope of public service,  caring for your constituents (the pilots and operators (flight schools, charters, etc) with the demands of the neighboring public. 

No different in his role as a public servant, managing airports in the increasingly complex airspace over Southern California. The citizens of the city of Santa Monica, as well as his governmental superiors in the municipal city can rest assured that Bob Trimborn gave them a full measure of service. Both to the pilots, which Bob identified with being a former FAA  certified flight instructor or CFI, as well as an instrument rated commercial pilot.  to the mayor and councilmen who represented the complaining citizenry who are relentless in their demands.  

Good Luck, my friend, in your future endeavors  you have already done a great job of helping citizens keep their faith in government by providing thoughtful and considered thought with the issues of jets, traffic, flight schools, angry citizens, councilmen under pressure, lawsuits, FAA, a museum to Donald Douglas  who started on this airport, and provided employment for my parents, and thousands of other South Bay residents. Whenever citizens gaze at the majestic DC-3 on stilts and the Donald Douglas statue with his dog, or visit the air museum, we will pay a nod of the head to you, for preserving this history on this historical airport whose future remains uncertain.  



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